Pro Review: Is Lenovo Legion y740 A Good Laptop?


If you’re not a fan of the Legion Y740’s understated design, it comes with customizable RGB lighting that illuminates not just the keyboard but also the air vents and the Y that sits above the O of Legion on the lid.chiefs super bowl wins cheap adult sex toys nike air jordan womens low adidas yeezy shoes best wig outlet the rose sex toy Pittsburgh Steelers nike air jordan 1 low adidas yeezy slides stores buy sex toys cheap human hair lace front wigs shop nfl nike air maxes 95 nfl shops custom team jerseys


The Lenovo Y740 is strong even when doing simple things like browsing the web and editing documents. When I opened Microsoft Word, I hardly even saw the “Splash Screen.” It loads fast enough to let you skip Word’s usual blue screen. Most of the other Office programs and programs from outside Office are the same.

I know for sure, though, that no one will buy this laptop just so they can use Word and PowerPoint from Microsoft Office. Let’s see how well this laptop does in some tests. Before running the benchmarks, we ran Steam, Origin, and other programs in the background for a few minutes to make the experience more real. The tests were done with the room temperature set to 24 degrees Celsius and the CPU running at 40 degrees Celsius.

The notebook got 2037 points on Cinebench R20, and the CPU reached an average of 82 degrees Celsius at its highest and 65 degrees Celsius at its lowest. During the test, the CPU’s top speed was 4.2 GHz, and its average speed was 3.0 GHz.

Next, we ran the TimeSpy test from 3D Mark to see how well DirectX 12 worked with 1080p games. Overall, the laptop got a score of 5909. The CPU reached a high of 89 degrees Celsius and stayed around 70 degrees Celsius on average. The CPU’s top speed was 4.2 GHz, and its average speed was 3.5 GHz.


The Lenovo Legion Y740 is good for gaming because it has a lot of ports. Lenovo has thought of all the possible ways to connect and built them in. Lenovo put all of the important I/O ports on the back of the laptop, which makes it easy to hide the wires behind the screen.

On the back, you’ll find the micro USB security lock slot, the HDMI output, the mini-display output, the Ethernet port, the USB 3.0 Gen 1 port, and the USB 3.0 Gen 2 port. The USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt 3 and a 3.5mm headphone jack are both on the left side of the device. On the right is the always-on USB-A 3.0 port and the Novo button for Lenovo’s one-key recovery.


We’re at the end of the line, or at least the weak line on the laptop. Even though gaming laptops aren’t meant to last more than 10 hours, the Lenovo Legion Y740 only lasted about 3 hours on a single charge. Remember that we just turned on the laptop’s built-in lighting and set it to 50% brightness. Hybrid Mode, which stops G-Sync from working and saves power, was also turned on. When G-Sync was turned on, the laptop worked for about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Using the Lenovo Vantage programmer to turn G-Sync on or off does require a restart, which is a bit of a pain.

The power brick for the Lenovo laptop is big and needs to be taken into account. The power brick is rated at 230W, but it’s too big for how much power it puts out. Still, Lenovo’s quick charging technology should have you back up to 80 percent in no time. If you don’t carry your laptop around too much, you shouldn’t have too many problems, but if you do, don’t forget to bring the charger!


Should you then buy it? We think so for sure. In general, the laptop is great, and I was really impressed by how sleek it looks. Even though there was a lot of red, I didn’t think it looked very “gamer,” which was nice. How well this laptop works is hard to believe. Keyboards, like those for gaming PCs, may take a few days to get used to in terms of layout, but once you do, you’ll enjoy typing on them. The left and right click buttons on the mouse are a great addition.

If you compare the battery life to other laptops in the same price range, it could have been better. So I’m not going to whine about it. But I do wish Lenovo would bring back the fan control because I use it a lot when I play games and when I study on my laptop (I’m an engineering student).

But Lenovo Y740 isn’t perfect either, and the same is true for it. I still think that this laptop is a great option for anyone who wants a gaming laptop. The price of a laptop can vary a lot based on where you live and what features you want. Please visit Lenovo’s website for the most up-to-date price and other information. If you want to use Ray Tracing, I recommend the RTX 2070 Max-Q or RTX 2080 Max-Q, both of which are also sold by Lenovo.


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