Pro Reviews- Acer Nitro 5 Powerful Features That Makes It Excellent

The processer

Intel Core i5 7300hq, 8300H, and 9300P

The Acer Nitro 5 is powered primarily by an Intel i5 processor of the 7th generation. This powerful budget CPU operates at 35-45 watts while boasting four actual powerful cores based on Intel’s Kaby Lake architecture. The 8 GT/s DMI bus speed is achieved with 6 MB of on-board cache memory. Since most games only use four or fewer cores, and often prefer fewer cores with higher per-core performance, the i5 7300hqH is ideal for gaming. Since i7 CPUs are much more expensive and offer multi-threading, which improves video rendering and similar compute performance but typically doesn’t improve gaming performance, a PC with an i5 7300Hq CPU is a better air max 270 react cheap wigs that look real nfl jersey sales nfl shop coupon code customized baseball jerseys sex toys online jordan shoes on sale custom designs sex toys for men buffalo bills football cheap lace front wigs cheap nfl jerseys buy sex toys online cheap human hair wigs best wigs on amazon

Display Adapter

Powerful 4GB GDDR5 video card from Nvidia

The graphics processing unit (GPU) is a crucial part of any computer designed for gaming. The Nitro 5’s Geforce 1050ti comes with 4GB of lightning-fast 7000MHz GDDR5 RAM and a GPU clock speed of 1493MHz up to 1620MHz for a reasonable price. A total of 768 unified Cuda cores are included. With its large amount of RAM and fast Cuda cores, the 1050ti can run games just a few years old at high/ultra settings at over 60FPS, and new games at medium settings with ease.


16/8GB (Depending on model) (Depending on model) With 256GB of SSD storage and DDR4 memory,

The computer’s performance and functionality are affected by its memory and hard drive. Smoothly switch between applications and enjoy lightning-fast load times in games with 16GB of dual-channel RAM provided by two 8GB RAM modules and a solid-state drive.


15.6-inch Full HD 1080p IPS Display

The Nitro 5 has a decent screen. There are many laptops that cost more than $1,000 that have better screens, but this IPS Panel display is impressive for the price. The contrasts are just right, and the response time is excellent. The fluid frame rate (FPS) will enhance your gaming experience even on a basic computer.

Sound System

Dolby Audio Premium and TrueHarmony

The Nitro 5’s overall sound quality is commensurate with its asking price. More expensive laptops, like those with better displays, will also have better audio quality. The Nitro 5’s high volume and high-quality audio are the icing on the cake, making it the best gaming PC I’ve used that didn’t break the bank.

What is on the Outside?

Obviously, this laptop looks great and has some cutting-edge features that make it powerful and convenient for gaming.

The Design

The Acer is reasonably priced for what you get: a metal and plastic chassis and an aluminum finish behind the screen. Its physical appearance is appealing, but that’s where they cut corners to keep the price down and the performance up. Even though the laptop won’t shatter into pieces if you drop it from a great height, it also won’t survive. In a nutshell, it’s pretty to look at but dangerous to throw.


The keys are fully backlit and conveniently spaced to make typing a breeze. This laptop model was designed with gamers in mind, so the WASD keys are illuminated more brightly than the others. Keeping dust and dirt away from a person’s keys can extend their life and keep them working properly.

System Cooler

When not in use for gaming, the ventilation system is completely silent. Since the new processors use so little energy and generate so little heat, “passive” cooling is an option. Under heavy use, the fans will begin to spin up and emit a respectable amount of noise through the cooling vents, but this will not be overbearing. In experiments, temperatures rarely rose above 61 degrees Celsius, even when working at full capacity.


The Nitro 5 has a wide variety of input and output devices and screens. It has an Ethernet port, an SD card slot, an HDMI port, three full-size USB 3.0 ports, and a USB-C port. Because of this, there are a plethora of display, network, and accessory options available.


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